So, who am I, really? I am a person who smiles as I work. Why? Because I see myself on the cutting edge of the most exciting time in human history. I see a world in distress, a world in disease, a world in flux, and yet a world with unlimited potential.
I am here to connect with like-minded people who co-create a new paradigm for conscious living to bring the potential to life. I do that for two reasons. The first is because I enjoy seeing people create lives that are fulfilling, joyful, and prosperous. And second, well, it’s simply because I can and choose to.

I see, as a family man, friend, organization, and more importantly, as a community, that I am not waiting for something to occur to create the type of world I want to experience, a world that is peaceful, conscious, fun, and exciting. Nor am I waiting for someone else to create that world for me.

I know that change begins at home. And so, I walk the talk to make a difference by sharing the gift of who I am with unstoppable passion. As I do, I help others first realize and then reach their potentials so they too can walk their talk and be the difference in their own world, and in turn, in the world.

I love what I do because what I do is in direct alignment with who I am. And even though the results of my actions have helped to transform the lives of many people, I always remember that life is a perfect adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, just played. And that’s why my focus on the journey, on the laughter, on loving, and on smiling. I am thrilled we are “In this” together.

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